The Secondry School

The Secondry School

The Senior Wing of the school strives to maintain excellence in academics to enable the students to stand at par in today's competitive world. The conformity with the CBSE-CCE pattern ensures the holistic development of the students encapsulating scholastic and co-scholastic aspects including Life-Skills, Attitudes and Values. The prime focus is to bring forth innovation in teaching-learning methodologies by devising student friendly and student centered paradigms. In addition to academics, emphasis is laid on dexterity, innovation, steadiness, teamwork, athletics, public speaking, behavior etc.

Subjects OFFERED

The School has students enrolled from Playgroup to Class IX. The students are offered the following combinations of subjects in the class IX

English Communicative
·         Hindi
·          Sanskrit
·         Maths
·         Science
·         Social Science
·         Sports/ Indigenous sports
·         science skills
·         Foundation of Information Technology
·         Hindustani Music Melodic
·         Hindustani Music Percussion
·         Hindustani Music Vocal
·         Elements of Book Keeping & Accountancy
·         First Aid
Literary and Creative Skills


Grand Master award. Luminary – Grand Master for 3 continuous years and Super Luminary- 
students who are Luminary for consecutive 3 years
Bonus marks (up to 10) are awarded to students excelling in sports and other co-curricular activities which are added to the grand total. Apart from these, students are encouraged to give at least one Hobby class/LTA performance per term.