Fee Chart 2021-22


Class Age
Play Group 2 years & 6 months
LKG 3 years & 6 months
UKG 4 years & 6 months
Class I 5 years & 6 months
Class II 6 years & 6 months
Class III 7 years & 6 months
Class IV 8 years & 6 months
Class V 9 years & 6 months
Class VI 10 years & 6 months
Class VII 11 years & 6 months
Class VIII 12 years & 6 months
Class IX 13 years & 6 months


For admission, parents have to fill up a registration form, which is available at the school fee counter.
The dates for the Parent's Orientation Program will be notified at the time of submission of the registration form.
Admission is subject to availability of seats.
Practice Papers are provide along with the registration form.
List of the students selected will be displayed on the school notice board as per the dates specified.
The formalities to be completed are:
Payment of all fees within the due date.
Submission of proof of date of birth for students of PG to Class I.
For children taking admission from PG to Class-I, birth certificate/transfer certificate in original and Xerox copy of the previous class mark sheet in case of admission from class II on wards is mandatory.

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A student must produce an evidence of the date of birth (a birth certificate for KG section - Class I and a T.C. of the previous school from class II onward) by the second week of April, failing which the admission will stand cancelled.
The original and photocopy of the previous schools mark sheet by the second week of April, failing which the admission will stand cancelled The school leaving certificate of a student joining school from class VII upwards must be countersigned by the educational authorities of the district in which the previous school is situated.
Please note that a student will be admitted only to the class mentioned on the transfer certificate and to no higher class nor will a student be promoted before the end of a school calendar year.

The TC and mark sheet have to be of the same school.


School fees should be paid before the due date mentioned on the fee card.
To avoid rush and to save time, fees can be paid for 3,6 or 12 months together. Fee once paid will not be refunded.

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Spacious, well-ventilated classrooms open out into wide, bright hallways.
Airy, well-equipped laboratories for physics, chemistry and biology
Separate language and math laboratories.
Fine arts as optional subjects.
One spacious and cheery libraries and well equipped state of the art audio-visual rooms.
A large computer centre, equipped with LCD and dedicated internet line.
A Teacher's Resource Cell providing the teachers every conceivable .material to enhance self and enhance teaching.
A Career Information Cell with a trained career counselor to keep school students abreast of latest developments on the career front.
Basketball, Volley Ball court, Chess, Carrom, Dance, Instrumental Music, Karate ring and sports ground.
Activity corners in class rooms in junior school.
Grammar and Nature corner for junior school.
The entire infrastructure at Sunbeam CHOLAPUR is state of the art and coupled with Teachers who teach Straight from the Heart, Sunbeam CHOLAPUR is truly a place to be!!!


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