Sunbeam Cholapur has become synonymous with quality education today. When we envisaged Sunbeam Cholapur this is exactly what we had thought of and we are very happy that today Sunbeam Cholapur has been able to meet the standards that we had set for it. Now that the foundation has been laid, we would like to see it set new standards and our students to become our ambassadors, not only in Cholapur but all over. To achieve this, we will have to work very hard and we as the management will leave no stone unturned to provide the school with the best available in terms of infrastructure, resources and teachers. We are also being aided in this endeavour by the administrators, teachers, staff and all the members of the Sunbeam Family and also the support of the parents who act as our allies in taking the mission forward. I hope we will continue getting the support of everyone, for we have miles to go and together we will ensure a bright future for our children.