Students learn more effectively when they know what they are learning, why and how to use it. In the pre-primary section, emphasis is laid upon sensorial activities, the use of the five senses, seeing, hearing, smelling, speaking and touching. Rote learning is a complete NO. Schooling is made so attractive and meaningful that students love to come to school everyday. The pedagogy is activity based with a lot of emphasis upon motor development and hand-eye co-ordination.

Project based activities integrate practical and Experiential Learning.
Topics under Project-based learning are taken up from the learner's environment and are an integration of all major subjects like Maths, Science, Languages, Art & Craft etc. Active Learning Lab Activity promotes mind & body development.

Language Lab fosters creativity.
Field trips and nature walks foster learning in the lap of nature.
Puzzles, games, story-telling sessions, puppetry, recitation.
Imaginative Drawing and Art & Craft.
Music, Dance and Aerobics.
Celebration of all festivals and Shlok Recital.
Splash pool, Ball pool and Sand play.
Tracing of letters and numbers on sand, water and paper.
Circle Time Activities on a daily basis.
Kiddies Kitchenette and table etiquettes.
Stage Presentations for confidence building.